What we do

We work to educate about and address issues and disparities relating to race and ethnicity in the debate space. Our goal is to bring attention to the issues that debaters of color face, and we strive to accomplish this by sharing resources, holding events, and educating others. This is important because debater of color are often overlooked when having discussions about structural issues in the debate space, especially how this relates to intersectionality.

Meet the Initiative Heads

Anais Mobarak 


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Anais Mobarak is a senior from Newton South High School, which is outside Boston, MA. She has been participating in public forum debate since her freshman year and is one of the captains of her school’s debate team. Anais is Venezuelan-Lebanese, and as a Race and Ethnicity Initiative co-head, she aims to empower current BIPOC debaters, encourage new BIPOC debaters to join the activity, and educate non-BIPOC debaters about BIPOC debate experiences and on ways to make the debate sphere inclusive. She is beyond excited to work with the Race and Ethnicity Initiative team to create lasting change in the debate community.

Brianna Wright


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Brianna Wright is a senior at Poly Prep in Brooklyn, NY and 4th year national circuit public forum debater. She is dedicated to working to address and ameliorate racial inequities in the debate space.   On her team she is committed to making debate an inclusive and safe space for all, and a member of the leadership council.  Brianna is excited to continue to help and educate others with Beyond Resolved.




Fabian Salvador 

Isabella Morales 

Katherine Lee

Lori Jang

Michelle Zavala

Neha Nabar

Nikhita Bhatt

Rani Vakharia

Katherine Zhao

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The Race and Ethnicity Initiative is open to BIPOC and non-BIPOC debaters.  All members are encouraged to contribute!