New Website: Learn Public Forum

There is a new incredible website made by Nathaniel Yoon, called Learn Public Forum, that goes incredibly in-depth about the basics of PF to help new-comers, along with a compilation of resources that are available online.

“while initiatives like PF Videos and Beyond Resolved have drastically increased access for people looking to learn about public forum, a lot of the information you can learn is dispersed and not as readily available on the internet, so I hope this website can organize a lot of the skills and techniques people use in debate to help people learn.” Nathaniel Yoon

Beyond Resolved will aim to continuously update our Educational Resources page throughout the year, but we highly recommend sharing Learn Public Forum and going through it because it is seriously, an incredible compilation of resources.

The other big thing… “Learn Public Forum” has is a question form for you to ask anything about debate. When I was trying to learn about debate, I had a ton of questions or uncertainties about the things people were talking about, but there wasn’t a really open forum to ask them anonymously. I was worried about being called stupid for not knowing something, or people giving me misinformation that I’d never realize was wrong until much later. Through this form, you can ask any question, and be sure someone who is at least OK at PF is answering it.

Go to Learn Public Forum’s ask page if you have any questions about Debate!

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