Meet the Staff

This list is broken up by division and does not include State Chapter leadership. To learn more about State Chapters, visit our Chapters page! 

Research and Education 

Abby Chan - Congress Contributor 

Anika Shah - Director of Parli Resources 

Antonina Clementi - Director of Extemp Resources 

Anya Tang - Research Contributor 

Arya Mirza - Free Coaching Service Head

Ava Claus - Impromptu Resource Director 

Bracklinn Williams - Research Contributor 

Catherine Duan - Congress Contributor 

Conan Lu - Congress Contributor 

David HerreraDirector of LD Educational


Delanie Ness - Policy Resource Contributor 

Jade Wang - Digital Media Team Member

Jason Luo - Director of PF Resources

Jennifer Cresap - PF Contributor, California

                                   Chapter Head Hall of Fame 

Jennifer Lin - PF Contributor 

Jillian Kahn - Director of Congress Resources 

Kailey Zhao - PF Contributor 

Karsen Warhal - Argument Breakdown Editor

Madison Adams - LD Contributor 

Michelle Zhao - Director of PF Resources 

Rithika Prasad - Extemp Contributor 

Sam Goldstone  - Coaching Database Coordinator 

Sanjita Pamidimukkala - PF Contributor 

Shahina Chatur - Director of Policy Resources

Tanusree Banerjee - Research Coordinator 

Tenzin Dadak - PF Argument Breakdown Editor


Alyssa Nie - Digital Media Team 

Dana Silvian - Editor and Chief 

Ela Shroff - Graphic Designer 

Emily Shi - Managing Editor 

Faith Talamantez - Digital Media Team 

Jade Wang - Digital Media Team 

Katherine Fu - Website Designer 

Laurel Holley - Digital Media Team 

Léa Toledano - Graphic Designer 

Ria Manathkar - Website Designer 

Sanah Bhardwaj - Copy Editor 

Selina Tang - Copy Editor 

Sophia Manzor - Copy Editor 

Victoria Hernandez - Editor in Chief 

Community Projects

Christina Liu - Clothing Drive NE 

Josephine O'Brien - Free Coaching Service Director

Leyli Granmayeh - Mentor Program Coordinator 

Melica Zekavat - Mentor Program Co-Director

Reina Pradhan - Clothing Drive WC 

Sidh Pandit - Clothing Drive South


Ashley Dawn - Merch Coordinator NE

Asmi Pareek - Merch Coordinator NE

Chery Gada - Merch Coordinator NE 

Emma Guan - Merch Coordinator S 

Grace Baek - Merch Coordinator S 

Kenny Zhu - Merch Coordinator MW 

Lydia Mackey - Merch Coordinator MW 

Maryam Iqbal - Merch Coordinator WC

Monica Schneck - Merch Coordinator WC

Neel Kanamangala - Merch Coordinator S

Pranay Mamileti - Fundraising Director 

Sanjh Mahatme - Fundraising Team 

Sarah Li - Fundraising Team 

Selina Kao - Fundraising Team 

Sophia Wang - Fundraising Director 

Suhani Agrawal - Fundraising Team 

Tannvi Banerjee  - Fundraising Team 


Alex Watson - Tournament Outreach Director 

Danielle Davenport - AskBR Head 

Helen Chen - Spotlight Initiative Head

Kate Halabi - Hall of Shame Coordinator 

Lauren Kim - Hall of Fame Coordinator 

Cinly Mo - Hall of Fame Coordinator 

Paulina Zacharko - Hall of Shame Coordinator 

Srikusumanjali Pinnamareddy - Tournament


Zaina Maqbool - #AskBR