Educational Resources

We have slowly been expanding our initiatives to include the goal of equalizing access of opportunity within the debate community. Debate can be expensive, thus the educational benefits of the activity are often most accessible to those that can afford it. Thus this project and page is dedicated to providing resources to equalize access.

Public Forum


More coming soon!


More coming soon!

Lincoln Douglas



More coming soon!

Other Websites

Learn Public Forum is a website made by Nathaniel Yoon, that goes incredibly in-depth about the basics of debate, and centralizes resources that are available online.

Circuitdebater is a cool resource where past PF debaters post resources of past topics (cases, blocks) so newer debaters can learn from them and use them as examples!

PF Videos is a cool youtube channel that posts a lot of rounds!

PF Forward is an incredibly in-depth resource that centralizes all information on Progressive arguments in PF, attempting to increase accessibility for debaters that don’t have a way to learn about these arguments.

Debate Trade is website where students can trade their research files for the research of other students, building cases and blocks more quickly.

The Extemper's Bible is an organization run by current and former extempers that seeks to provide free extemp resources for the extemp community. They provide weekly questions, topic analysis, extemp strategy pieces and more