Disability and Mental Health Initiative

What do

we do?

People with mental health conditions and disabilities face a number of structural barriers in the debate space which often go ignored by the community and by NSDA. This initiative aims to protect the safety of debaters with mental health conditions and disabilities, as well as promote equity measures and trainings at tournaments.

Want to join?

Eligibility Requirements

  • Members of this initiative do not need to fulfill any identity-based requirements; however they are encouraged to work with Beyond Resolved’s other initiatives in the name of intersectionality as mental health is an issue that is deeply intertwined with things like bigotry and socioeconomic status.

  • To participate in activities relating to any sort of advocacy for disabled and/or neurodivergent demographics, allies are encouraged and allowed to participate but should not be speaking over any affected people.

  • Allies should not expect members with disabilities to educate them should instead come into the initiative willing to educate themselves

  • Members cannot have any record of unsafe or bigoted conduct in the Speech & Debate Community.