About Us

Beyond Resolved is a student-led organization that advocates for all marginalized groups in high school speech and debate by raising awareness of often overlooked disparities, creating inclusive spaces, and increasing access to resources. Our organizational values consist of: accessibility, community, diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectionality

Who are we?

Beyond Resolved is made up of hundreds of people from across the nation! BR can be

broken up into five different bodies: the Cabinet, the Advisory Board, the Alum Council, staff, and volunteers.  The Beyond Resolved Cabinet runs and oversees the entire organization. The Advisory Board, which is made up of former debaters and/or coaches that are more than one year out of high school, advises the Cabinet on major decisions. Similar to the Advisory Board, the Alum Council, a group of former debaters and coaches at least graduated from high school, advise specific areas of BR. The staff members hold certain year long positions within BR (e.g. all Advisory Board, Alum Council, Chapter Head, Project Director, Coordinator, Initiative, Graphic Designer, Web Designer, and Editor-in-Chief positions). However, BR Volunteers are those who hold other consistent positions within Beyond Resolved, like Chapter Members and Initiative Team Members.

Want to get involved?

There are a few ways you can get involved: 

     - You can apply to be a staff member or volunteer – check out the Apply page!

     - You can join your state's BR Chapter OR start your state's Chapter if there isn't one

     - You can write for our blog! Send blogposts to our email:       

       contact.beyondresolved@gmail.com or submit via our form.  
     - You can apply to be a part of our mentor program as a mentor OR mentee. Check

       out the Mentor Program page on our website.
     - You can follow us on Instagram (@beyondresolved), Facebook (Beyond Resolved), or

       sign up for email updates on our home page!
     - You can contact us just to chat about any issues through any of our social media or

       the Ask page!
     - You can put in feedback on our “WHAT CAN WE DO BETTER” page of our website.
     - You can sign up for the Beyond Resolved Institute as a student, or apply as an